RCT Lock Position Award Plan Announcement

Total amount: 40 million RCT / Locking period: 12 months / Reward rate: 20%


Established a trusted and non-intervention
consumer goods & collection identification data center based on block chain.

Simple design of light science and technology
Humanized interactive experience

The first block chain intelligent hardware
to the public in the history of science and technology.
Significant step of Appraisal ecology

RealChain Fire-Eyes Intelligent Detector
R&D based on quantum dots
All-optical spectrum detection/ Intelligent Identification/Algorithm analysis
Fire-Eyes Intelligent Detector

In the view of the identification and management chaos in the consumer goods market, Realchain first proposed put forward using block chain technology appraisal, based on the decentralization of block chain architecture and intelligent image recognition technology,the RealChain R & D team officially launched the version1.0 of the block chain smart hardware.——FireEyes intelligent hardware,and it’s the world's first block chain artificial intelligence hardware which based on quantum dots R&D to achieve full spectrum detection and intelligent identification . The birth of"FireEyes" shows that we have taken the most important step in ecological construction of Identification

Media & Events


David Zhang, chairman of the RealChain foundation, has published a deep point of view in many media interviews.

At the 2018 TokenSky block chain conference, the RealChain Foundation Chairman David Zhang accepted the China Money Network, BTC123, bus online and many other media interviews. David Zhang has made profound views on important news issues such as the 2018 RealChain smart hardware landing, the prospect of the block chain development, and the role of the block chain for global economic and technological innovation. While reviewing the research results obtained by RealChain, David Zhang looks forward to the 2018 block chain technological innovation to enable people to achieve better quality of life.

Real Chain foundation was invited to attend The TokenSky block chain conference and the TOKEN product equipment exhibition which were held in Seoul, South Korea.

In 14th -15th March 2018, TokenSky block chain conference and TOKEN equipment exhibition opened in Seoul, and the Real Chain foundation was invited to participate in the TOKEN products and equipment exhibition and showed to the guests the latest release of "fire" intelligent detector, which uses spectrum technology, intelligent hardware technology and block chain technology, can efficiently identify authenticity, eliminating the cumbersome process identification mechanism. This is the first kind of block chain application intelligent hardware in the history of science and technology for the public. The guests of the conference had a wonderful live experience, and also a lot of participants came along to consult.

Realchain Brings the Ultimate Platform for Luxury Purchasing of the Future

RealChain Foundation Ltd has proudly announced that its all new RealChain Token (RCT) started trading on the global leading exchange platform www.okex.com. Based on the blending of booming blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the company has recently published a White Paper in collaboration with TaoDangPu Co. Limited, which is also the strategic cooperation company of this upcoming blockchain platform. Moreover, RC is also bringing an entire ecosystem that will have futuristic implications.

Cooperation Partner

TaoDangPu Cooperation Partner

White Paper

The future idealized global consumer goods and collection trading system should be based on the fair, transparent and efficient trading environment of product information. To take this appeal, the RealChain foundation was founded and aims to establish a data center for consumer goods &Collectible identification based on the combination of the decentralized block chain technology and artificial intelligence to achieve full node trust with disclosures, fairness and transparent information. In order to realize the mission of "the fake-free world", Real chain providing authentication services to the public to reduce fraud in the transaction of consumer goods and Collectibles.