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Our Team

David Zhang

Director of the RealChain Foundation

David is the senior software engineer and chief project in Planned Systems International, he is responsible for developing digital identification recognition software based on blockchain with many leading financial institutions. He was in charge of developing the ITPLUS system for the SEC.David graduated from University of Maryland with a master’s degree of Computer Science.

Eric jobin


Eric Jobin has many years working experience in software development. He has held various positions as an architect, team lead and advisor in startups such as Captaris, OpenText and DGIG. He has deep understanding and research experience on cloud solution architecture, virtualization, complex system orchestration, .NET and JavaScript. Eric Jobin received his bachelor's degree in information technology from François-XavierGARNEAU in Paris, France.

Kristi L Mercer

Chief Analyst

Kristi is an experienced jewelry appraiser for the past 10 years, providing independent jewelry appraisal services to all clients for all kinds of purpose such as insurance scheduling, probate, bankruptcy liquidation and charitable contributions etc. Kristi owns Graduate Gemologist, color Stone Graduate, Diamond Graduate Certification, Arts (A.A) of General Business Administration and Management diploma from Valencia College.

Kevin Carpenter

Chief Appraiser

Kevin started his career in the Jewelry industry while in high school, and being the son of Geologist, he was literally grown up around gems and minerals. As an industry veteran of over 40 years, fine jewelry appraising combines his gemological knowledge and his lifelong passion for gems, with the experience he has been acquired as a store owner and manager by one of the largest Jewelry Store. Kevin hold the titles of Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological institute of America, Certified Gemologist and Registered Jeweler from the American Gem society, and Certified Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.


Roy Li

Counselor to RealChain Foundation

Roy is a famous expert in security and IOT and the founder of IOT operating system He is the research supervisor for Fudan University. was invested by Geek Capital, Jingshan Capital and Shanxing Capital.

Raymond Tan

Counselor to RealChain Foundation

Raymond is a famous expert blockchain and big data. He is the founder of NABA. Having worked for Microsoft for over 13 years, Raymond published several technology books including Blockchain 2.0. Raymond graduated from Fudan University and Duke University.

Dou Wang

Counselor to RealChain Foundation

Dou is the founder of Geek Capital and Partner to Link VC, also the inventor of blockchain robot. He is famous of being a technical geek and expert in managing social groups. Dou has worked in senior level for IBM, MOTO and HP.